1. Candidates

Our Consultants identify candidates through various methods. Ways for you as a candidate to join our process is through applying for positions per advert on, or directly applying on our website at Job Search

After Screening the various CV's and having several discussions, an exploratory meeting will be arranged.

2. Discussion

After being invited for a discussion, a detailed description will be given of what is needed for the interview and what will be handled during the interview. This will determine the way forward and the career planning / mapping.

3. Compulsory Checks

At least 2 references will be checked. Criminal, qualification and credit checks are also done.

4. Presentation to Prospective Employers

Prospective Employers will be contacted.

5. Preparation for Interview with company

Our consultants will prepare the candidate with the required information about the scheduled interview including time, date, address and code of conduct.

6. Follow-up / Feedback

You can contact the Consultant do a follow up after the interview, so as to ascertain feedback. The following is focused on:
Culture Fit
Skills and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
Salary negotiations

7. Salary Negotiation

Should the employer and the candidate be satisfied with the interview, a consultant will guide the process to the next step. Salary negotiations take place at this time by a consultant on behalf of the candidate on salary, benefits etc. Communication is vital between the consultant, company and candidate at this time as all party's need to be satisfied.

8. Signing of the Contract

Our consultants will help the candidate through the signing of the contract and resignation phase.